Inspection equipment


Inspection equipment


We develop and produce optical and optoelectronic devices for examination of a wide range of remote and hard-to-reach objects. These devices can be used for:

  • inspection of inaccessible zones and goods in vehicles including the heavy-duty ones for the purpose of customs supervision;
  • inspection of municipal engineering objects including wells, elevator shafts, collecting channels, and apparatus floors;
  • search of tabs, explosives, and suspicious subjects by special service divisions;
  • inspection of blockages and search of victims in case of emergency situation;
  • technical state examination and diagnostics of industrial and transport objects;
  • technical support of investigation and search operations.


Inspection equipment Inspection equipment
Inspection equipment Inspection equipment


TDK-1 television inspection device TDK-1 television inspection device (pole camera)is an optoelectronic instrument consisting of a telescopic arm with a controllable video camera and a built-in illumination system for visual inspection of the hard-to-reach and distant objects.. More..
Inspection mirrors Inspection mirrors visual inspection of hard-to-reach places including the dark ones.. More..
Rigid endoscopes Rigid endoscopes for inspection and observation of restricted-access objects.. More..
Endoscopic sets Endoscopic sets include technical endoscopes and tools for inspection and search of objects in hard-to-reach places in the absence of electrical network.. More..
Photo and video recording devices for endoscopes Photo and video recording devices for endoscopes ensure television visualization and recording of optical images formed by rigid or flexible endoscopes.. More..




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