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Hardware-software complex for remote control of a surgical module


The creation of hardware-software complexes for solving a wide range of problems of controlling various aspects of the medical treatment such as diagnostic studies or surgical procedures is now an actual problem. The systems of that kind are constructed on the basis of the modern information technologies and unite diagnostics equipment, which makes it possible to obtain exact information promptly by performing instrumental examination, data recording and display units (audio and video recording hardware, X-ray equipment, and television monitors), and computer equipment, which is an intellectual platform for constructing systems of different complexity.

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At present, we have developed and introduce the ArchiMED MAX hardware-software complex in the medical practice. This complex exercises remote control of a surgical module performing both little-invasive and abdominal operations.

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The hardware level of the complex is formed with the endosurgical video system consisting of the endoscopic video camera, the optical adapter and the endoscope, the video monitor displaying the course of examination, and devices controlling recording and exchange of audio information.

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The "intellectual" level is the distant computer system which simultaneously coordinates processes of input of images from the diagnostics equipment installed in operating rooms, controls parameters of this equipment, and realizes the support of patient's database, the automation of user's work and statistical data collection and acquisition.

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Operating and control rooms are connected with a distribution cabling which transmits ancillary, audio and video data and ensures voice communication between a surgical moderator and an operating team during an operation.

Basic capabilities of the ArchiMED MAX system

1. Control of the examination process:
- Input of both single frames and video data sequences in the remote personal computer at the command of the operating surgeon or the moderator;
- Displaying lively video images on one or more monitors;
- Controlling parameters of an analog video signal including brightness, contrast, color parameters, image size;
- Prompt recording of voice comments in the personal computer.
2. Video data acquisition:
- Recording of single pictures;
- Video recording.
3. Digital archiving of video data:
- Data storage on a hard disk of the personal computer;
- Data recording on external media.
4. Database support for the following elements:
- Personal details of patients;
- Examination protocols;
- Text descriptions of video data
- General information over the medical institution.
5. Automated process of drafting examination protocols:
- Using a formalized tree of procedure description;
- With the manual data input.
6. Generation of reports:
- Formation and printing a text block of the protocol;
- Printing the picture set.
7. Operations with archives of reports and video information: search, comparison, printing, data export to other software.
8. Database backup in case of dump or corruption of data in the personal computer.
9. Statistical data collection and acquisition.


ArchiMED MAX complex configuration:

1. Personal computer
2. Endoscopic video complex
3. Remote control and image input unit.
4. Distribution cabling

Software: ArchiMED MAX application software.



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