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ArchiMED Gynecologist's workstation


The development of a gynecologist workstation is an appreciable result of adoption of the modern information technologies in medical practice. The workstation is a united technological complex integrating optical diagnostics equipment, which makes it possible to obtain exact information promptly by performing instrumental (hysteroscopic or colposcopic) examination, video recording and television devices, and a computer being an intellectual platform for constructing systems of different complexity.

The first or "hardware" level is formed with an analog video system consisting of photo and video recording devices connected to diagnostics equipment through optical-mechanical adapters and the video monitor displaying the examination process.

ArchiMED Gynecologist's workstation


The second or "intelligent" level is a computer system which coordinates processes of image input from the diagnostic equipment, controls its parameters, forms databases and promotes the user's work automation.

ArchiMED Gynecologist's workstation


Basic capabilities of the ArchiMED system:

1. Control of the video examination process:
- Input of both single frames and video data sequences in the personal computer;
- Displaying lively video images on one or more monitors;
- Controlling parameters of an analog video signal including brightness, contrast, color parameters, image size;
2. Video data acquisition:
- Recording of single pictures;
- Video recording.
3. Digital archiving of video data:
- Data storage on a hard disk of the personal computer;
- Data recording on external media.
4. Database support for the following elements:
- Personal details of patients;
- Examination protocols;
- Text descriptions of video data
- General information over the medical institution.
5. Automated process of drafting examination protocols:
- Using a formalized tree of procedure description;
- With the manual data input.
6. Generation of reports:
- Formation and printing a text block of the protocol;
- Printing the picture set.
7. Operations with archives of reports and video information: search, comparison, printing, data export to other software.
8. Database backup in case of dump or corruption of data in the personal computer.

ArchiMED Gynecologist's workstation
ArchiMED Gynecologist's workstation




ArchiMED system configuration:


1. Personal computer meeting the following system requirements:

Operating system
Window98 SE
Windows XP
Video system resolution
800 х 600 pixels
1024 х 768 pixels
Color depth
16 bit (High color)
32 bit (True Color)
128 MB
256 MB and more
AMD/Intel processor
800 MHz
2000 MHz and more
DirectX multimedia library
9.0 version
Hard disk
20 GB/7200 rpm
80GB and more
USB port
Printing device
Color jet or laser printer

2. Video module.

3. Image input unit (frame grabber).

Software: installation CD

Basing on the developed ArchiMED conception, a large number of applied systems for joint operation with diagnostics equipment for other medical purposes is constructed including:
- with rigid endoscopes in traumatology, urology, proctology, otorhinolary;
- with flexible endoscopes for gastro-, broncho-, and rectoscopy;
- with monocular and binocular microscopes for solving various research and applied problems in microscopy.



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