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TDK-1 television inspection device (pole camera)


The TDK-1 television inspection device with a telescopic arm ensures visual inspection of the hard-to-reach places including the light intercepted ones which are out of reach for an operator directly.

TDK-1 television inspection device


  • Technical examination and diagnostics of a state of various objects such as boilers, tanks, tubelines, large-sized mechanisms, railway equipment, etc;
  • Customs inspection and supervision of cargo and transport facilities;
  • Inspection of blockages and search of victims in case of emergency situation;
  • Inspection of municipal engineering objects including wells, elevator shafts, collecting channels, etc;
  • Search of tabs, explosives, and suspicious and dangerous subjects by rescue and special service divisions.
  • Technical examination of transport facilities.


TDK-1 television inspection device
The device includes a small-size video camera fixed on the telescopic arm, a LCD display supplied by rechargeable batteries, the built-in illumination system and a video memory unit. The rotation of the video camera is electronically controlled.



  • Complete darkness operation. The device is equipped with a build-in white LED light source with controlled angular divergence of a light beam ensuring effective illumination of both the near objects and the distant (up to 3 meters) ones.
TDK-1 television inspection device
  • Two versions of the video camera's head:
TDK-1 television inspection device
TDK-1 television inspection device
Cylindrical head
Square (with enlarged deflection)
  • Natural color rendering and high-quality imaging due to the color video camera and the liquid-crystal display.
  • Controls for positioning the video camera (electronic remote control) are on the handle of the telescopic arm. This design facilitates and speeds up the procedure of pointing the camera on necessary objects.
TDK-1 television inspection device
  • Integrated device of self-acting cable spooling simplifies changing a length of the telescopic arm on-stream.
  • Additional flexible section with a length of up to 800 mm is used as an intermediate between the camera head and the telescopic arm or for direct installation on the handle. This section can be bent in any convenient way to introduce the device into an object along a curved path thus transforming the device into a videoscope in fact.
Additional flexible section
  • Increased and displayed time of off-line operation due to use of electronic components with lower power consumption.
  • Compact and ergonomic packing design and low weight of the whole set result in convenient transportation.


  • Video memory unit for recording and storage of pictures (TDK-1VR version);
  • Additional wheeled arm for inspection of undersides of transport facilities;
  • Cable-free transmission of TV-signals to a distant receiver.



Video camera
Color CCD matrix, 1/3 "
Camera housing diameter of
23 mm
Viewing angle
920 (400 -lens 2)
Video camera tilt relative to the arm axis
± 90°
Camera tilt drive
electronic control
Horizontal resolution, not less
380 TV-lines
Sensitivity, min
0.5 lx
Illumination system
two-level (lower and high), white light
Four-section telescopic arm

Ready-assembled arm length (with the camera and the handle)

from 1.2 to 2.45 m

Ready-assembled arm weight

1.1 kg

Screen size

130 mm (5'')

Display unit weight

less than 3.3 kg

Operating position

on operator's chest using a strap

Continuous running time (with illumination)

min. 4 h

Working distance

from 60 mm
Overall dimensions (being packed):

Case for the telescopic arm and the video camera

900mm x 100mm x
70 mm

Display unit bag

260mm x 190mm x
120 mm

Base set:

TDK-1 television inspection device

  • Video camera head with the build-in illumination system and the inclination electric drive;
  • Telescopic arm;
  • LCD display with the rechargeable batteries unit (2 pieces);
  • Interunit cable;
  • Charger;
  • Camera & Arm case;
  • Display unit bag.



Search of tabs under the drop ceiling
Search of tabs under the drop ceiling

Diagnostics of damages of a car truck
Diagnostics of damages of a car truck

Inspection of a landing gear using the flexible section
Inspection of a landing gear using the flexible section



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